Weight Loss For Men: Best Practices


“A hugely important thing to remember is that there are no weight-loss ‘secrets’,” says Alan Aragon, M.S. and weight-loss coach for Men’s Health.

Studies show that men and women respond to weight loss very differently, in that they’re motivated by different things and enjoy different types of exercise.

Men enjoy physical activity, while women tend to focus their efforts on diets. Men usually don’t respond well to strict diets, but that’s okay – studies also show that gradual changes over time are often more effective than extreme diets because people are more likely to stick to them.

The Food

So what are the best foods for weight loss? Simple: the foods that are real and filling. Real foods are minimally processed and include plants. That doesn’t mean steak is bad for you; it just means salad is better, so make that the focus of your meal. A program like Nuval can help you determine the best foods for you.

Filling foods usually include protein. Protein will keep you full (to prevent overeating) and help build lean muscle. Starches, on the other hand, will quickly spike your blood sugar and then leave you with a slow-moving, lazy, hungry feeling.

The Exercise

“But you said men like to focus on exercise.” That’s true – so what are the best exercises for weight loss? According to Men’s Fitness, the only way to lose a gut is to build muscle, and the only way to build muscle is to lift. They have videos to show you for legs, chest, back, shoulders, and arms.

However, losing your gut and burning fat are not really the same thing. To burn fat, you need to focus on cardio, so Men’s Fitness suggests HIIT (high intensity interval training) where you go between the two.

There’s also some question about the best weight loss supplement. Unfortunately, there’s no magic pill to help the pounds melt off. A College of New Jersey study with collegiate football players studied beta-alanine, and a study in the UK followed athletes and caffeine. Taking both into account, Men’s Fitness suggests 200 mg of caffeine before your workout 2 grams of beta-alanine, both in the morning and following a workout.

Written by: Joanna Hynes