Twas the Night Before Black Friday


BLACK FRIDAY healthcare deals
Twas the night before Black Friday and all through the mall
People clamored over deals, no matter how small.
Their tents outside Target were all pitched with care
In hopes to find deals on tvs, games and chairs.
Parents camped out all night and even missed dinner
Just to get 75% off of a brand new color printer.
While some parents sat in lines just to get in Toys-R-Us,
Others sat at home confused by the fuss.
The parents at home, all snug on the couch
Knew there was no reason to be such a grouch.
“Why could this be?” The deal shoppers wondered.
Because THEY know with SaveOn they could save hundreds.
While others spent too much on healthcare this year,
These parents knew better so they’re in the clear.
Shopping is no problem when you’ve saved a bunch
So there’s no reason to deal with the Black Friday crunch.
With us you can save thousands on your healthcare
Because we show you prices that are always fair.
We give you deals all year, not just one day in November
All you have to do is become a SaveOn member.
Don’t wait too long! Discount deals can’t wait!
If you’re not up early you’ll miss the great rates!
We laugh at the headlines; here, deals aren’t just for a day
“Black Friday is for sissies,” that’s what we say.
So, forget the long lines and door buster deals
Our prices all year will make you go head over heels.
You deserve to know costs before your medical bill drops
And that’s why Save On Medical exists, to help you price shop.