TheSkimm Breaks Down Obamacare. We thank them.


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If you’re like me, you get your news from a combination of Good Morning America, Twitter, Old Faithful (The WSJ) and my new favorite daily e-newsletter, theSkimm.  By breaking down worldwide news into bite-sized pieces, their readers can stay up on what is happening in the world of politics, sports and pop culture.
I’ve come to appreciate the way that they sift through the noise in the news. They make news relatable, which I appreciate because here at Save On Medical, we try to do the same thing with healthcare.  We help patients navigate through the healthcare process, which can be a downright train wreck if you don’t know what you’re doing.  So this morning, when my pals at theSkimm broke down the newest Obamacare update, I sang a little Hallelujah, to the chagrin of my intern, and decided to share it with our Save On Medical friends.
READY. SET. PAUSE. (theSkimm February 11th)
THE STORY: Obamacare made a change. Again. Employers that have between 50 and 99 workers now have extra time before they need to offer employees health insurance or get fined.
WAIT WHAT JUST HAPPENED? The employer mandate requires companies with more than 50 full-time employees to provide coverage or pay a penalty. When the Affordable Care Act was first passed, this was seen as a key part of the law’s goal to expand coverage. Many employers complained this wasn’t so affordable. Others complained that employers were going to cut hours or their staff just to avoid the rule. Last summer, the administration delayed this. And yesterday, they delayed it again and gave these employers until 2016 to get with the program.
OK…WHY DID THIS HAPPEN? Obamacare has had a really rough roll out and this latest move is a big change up. The administration said it was a sign that it’s paying attention to business concerns and how the law’s going.
theSKIMM: Remember how much Republicans hate Obamacare? This latest announcement doesn’t help things. Republicans think all these changes are pointing in one direction: the law doesn’t work. The Obama administration continues to say ‘it’s a law, get used to it.’
So what does all this mean for Save On Medical? It means more people are remaining uninsured and left without options for affordable care when they actually need it.  If a woman is up for her annual mammogram and has been avoiding it until her employer gives her coverage, she’s now caught between a rock and a hard place. This isn’t just a metaphor for mammography equipment. Women can compare mammogram prices on Save On Medical and save up to $300.  We hope to help spread the word, so that those patients who still are without coverage, don’t go without the medical procedures that they need.