15 Ridiculous Things to Buy with the Money You Save On Medical Bills


In a recent study it was found that out of 1500 surveyed patients, 64.4% said they’re more concerned about the total cost of their healthcare services in 2016 than they were last year and they’re looking for ways to save on medical bills. This growing population of price-sensitive patients are becoming more and more empowered each year with the help of transparency tools like Save On Medical. When these individuals take on the role of a consumer-driven patient, they often end up saving much more on their final medical bills. Everyone loves to find a good deal, but sometimes it can be hard to scout out which care providers are most affordable.

In the same study, it was found that 7 out of 10 people said if they got estimates for the cost of their care ahead of time, it would help them better budget and be less stressed. That is why we make it easy for you to find out how much your procedure will cost, so you can spend your hard earned money on other (more fun) things. No one wants to break the bank on something like an MRI.

We’ve found that three of the most popular procedures price shopped and booked through our site are a Knee MRI (Average SaveOnMedical Savings of $457), a Brain MRI (Average SaveOnMedical Savings of $427), and a Spine MRI, One Level (Average SaveOnMedical Savings of $357). With that in mind, most patients using our price transparency tool are saving about $400.

Now, we know some of the more financially savvy of you may prefer to put the money you save with Save On Medical into a savings account of some type. For those of you who want to celebrate your savings with a gift to yourself however, here are some ideas of ways to spend that newfound cash:

  • 40 Glitter Bombs to be sent to your friends (or enemies…)
  • 28 matching Nicolas Cage pillowcases for a very weird pillow pit.
  • Approximately 54,000 Ladybugs. We wish we were kidding about this.
  • A sweet, sweet Unicorns are Jerks coloring book for each of your closest 57 friends.



  • 30 pads of wrist watch post-it notes so you can stop writing reminders on your hand.
  • A mini jelly fish tank with changing LED lighting to really impress and/or freak out your guests.
  • A pair of Handerpants for every day that is too warm for full gloves, but not quite brisk enough for the whole shebang.


  • Make everyone jealous at the lake or beach with an inflatable walk on water ball.
  • 4 Lockpick Training Kits, solely so that less criminals have the opportunity to buy them themselves.
  • Make it rain with your best friend buying 4 cash cannons, so you can both have one in each hand. That’s how the real pros do it.
  • Oh, Oh, Oh… and also when you and your best friend USE the cash cannons, you should each be wearing this Bear Coat, valued at a casual $200.


  • 39 copies of Dancing with Cats, so that you can take them as gifts to the hosts of dinner parties. (Also, it’s important to note that this book is from the creators of the International Best Seller: Why Cats Paint. #value)


  • 25 pounds of strawberry Starbursts. No one wants those other gross flavors anyway.
  • A shark sleeping bag for your two kids so that they will be the coolest kids ever at their next sleepover.
  • Around 16,680 self-adhesive googly eyes for an epic, long-term prank. There’s really nothing quite as funny as finding an unexpected pair of googly eyes staring at you.

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