Price Shopping for Surgery Procedures


We know that there are huge variations in health care costs across the country, especially when it comes to surgery prices. In fact according to a report by Blue Cross Blue Shield,prices can vary from $16,772 to $61,585 in Dallas, Texas for a knee replacement while a hip replacement in Boston, Massachusetts can range from $17,910 to $73,987. Can you imagine paying $56,077 more for a procedure than you really had to, with absolutely no difference in quality? You could buy a brand new BMW 4 Series convertible for that price!

With the rise in high-deductible plans and patients paying out-of-pocket for medical procedures, patients need a way to act as consumer-driven shoppers. This is why we created Save On Medical in the first place. Now, for the first time, Save On Medical will make it easy for patients shop online for both radiology and surgical procedures.

It’s important that patients can find surgery costs and understand what they will be responsible for so there won’t be a sticker shock associated with their medical bills. Shopping around can also help them find more affordable options, cutting down what they will owe out-of-pocket.

 Surgery cost variation

Save On Medical is now inviting new surgical providers to join our website from cities across the country. Currently, we have 25% of the country’s outpatient imaging centers participating as a part of our network of physicians, which we will only continue to grow. Our website has served over 16,000 patients shopping for radiology procedures and now we want to help patients who are seeing huge price gaps in surgical procedures as well.

Find Deals In Your Area – (Search for affordable care in your area today by clicking here: Save On Medical Procedures)

If our top newspapers’ headlines are any indication of how necessary this next step is, then we decided that we owed it to patients to use our expertise in price transparency and consumer-driven care to move towards surgery.  Over the next few months we’ll be adding large surgery providers to our website, making it easy for patients to compare prices for procedures like:

  • Arthroscopy Procedures
  • Rotator Cuff Repair
  • Carpal Tunnel Release
  • Plantar Faciotomy
  • Hernia Procedures
  • Neuroplasty
  • Hemorrhoidectomy
  • Spinal Surgery
  • Cervical Epidural
  • Thyroidectomy
  • Cochlear Implant
  • Septoplsty
  • Tonsillectomy
  • Cystocopy
  • Hysterectomy
  • Biposies
  • Colonoscopies
  • And many more