Save On Medical Brings Price Transparency to Local Patients

This week, Save On Medical will be adding over 450 new providers to their website which helps patients find pricing for medical procedures and schedule appointments online.
The new physicians are from 22 different states including:
–       Arizona
–       California
–       Clorado
–       Delaware
–       Florida
–       Georgia
–       Illinois
–       Indiana
–       Kansas
–       Kentucky
–       Louisiana
–       Maryland
–       Minnesota
–       New Jersey
–       Nevada
–       New York
–       Ohio
–       Oklahoma
–       Pennsylvania
–       Rhode Island
–       Texas
–       Wisconsin

This is especially relevant to patients in states with large uninsured populations despite the Obamacare sanctioned exchanges.  The prices shown on the website are self-pay prices, which means it is the lowest price someone would be charged if they were paying completely out-of-pocket.
The concept of consumerism in healthcare seems like a foreign concept, but when physicians agree to show their prices, it changes the game.  Eventually, more and more healthcare providers will adopt price transparency so patients can easily find out how much healthcare really costs.
Search for providers in your zip code and see if the doctors in your city have started to show their prices.
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