How to Save Money at the Top 10 Pharmacies in the US

prescription discounts

Did you know prices for prescription drugs can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy? At one retailer, you could pay $40, while another would quote you $200. This large disparity in prices has more consumers than ever searching for the best discounts on health costs. It sounds odd, but oftentimes to find the best price it takes some haggling and shopping around. It’s tough when patients desperately need a medication and the monthly price more than doubles overnight. In many cases, these people are completely opting out of their medication and dealing with uncomfortable side effects and pain instead.
The reality is the pharmaceutical industry spikes prices on drugs all the time, if no other reason than to make more money. And the beauty of shopping around and asking for discounts is many pharmacies actually expect the consumer to ask for a lower price because of these price changes. Below, we share tips for finding the best possible prices at pharmacies all over the country.
Go Generic
Choosing generic over brand-name prescription drugs can save you a boatload of money—sometimes upwards of 80%! Your doctor or pharmacist will be able to recommend or prescribe lower-cost alternatives in the same area of medications.
Skip the Chains
Even though Walgreens or CVS is less than a block from your house, those big-name drugstores may not offer the best prices. According to Consumer Report, local mom-and-pop pharmacies actually offered better prices in many cases. Be sure to shop around, even if it means driving an extra 10 minutes to get a $100 discount on your prescription.
Opt for Savings Programs
Chains like Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, Costco and more offer Rx savings programs, which allow consumers to access drug discounts on the medications they need. Pharmacy coupons, available both online and in the store, can help customers save on their medications.
Try Costco
Good news—you don’t have to be a member to use Costco’s pharmacy! Costco prices products as low as possible by cutting down on overhead costs. These include no 24-hour drive-thru, no Sunday hours and refills no sooner than next day, since they are shipped from a central warehouse. Especially for those paying in cash or out of pocket for their medications, Costco offers some of the best prices around.
Ask for Discounts
One simple question can severely impact your wallet: “is this the lowest price for my prescription?” The pharmacist or pharmacy tech may be prompted to track down discount prescription programs and coupons to help find their customers the best possible price, just because they asked.
Ask for a Longer Prescription
Opting for a 60- or 90-day supply of a prescription you take long term can save you some dollars. Using this method, you will only pay one co-pay through insurance instead of 2 or 3!
Check the Internet
By looking online for deals (, you can find quotes and coupons from online retailers and use those to negotiate a better price at your own pharmacy. Using tools like the price transparency tool on Save On Medical can allow you to print our coupons and take them with you to your pharmacy to ask for a lower price.
Don’t assume the price quoted at your local pharmacy is the best price, or even the only price. Shop around for discounts, more affordable retailers, pharmacy coupons and deals through your insurance. Negotiating to find a price you’re comfortable with may seem awkward at first, until you see how much your checking account benefits. Here’s to saving money on your health!