5 Delicious Recipes for Weight Loss


5 Delicious Recipes for Weight Loss If you’ve struggled in the battle of losing weight and fighting against the temptations of deliciously unhealthy foods, then don’t worry – you’re definitely not alone. Weight loss can be very difficult, so there’s no need to make it any harder.

Instead, focus your diet around goods that help you lose weight. Of course, that always a lot easier said than done, so we’ve provided you with 5 delicious recipes that won’t compromise weight loss on your path to a healthy weight! Here they are:

1.     Pepperoni PizzaNo, fortunately for you, you don’t need to abandon the infamous pepperoni pizza. A classic favorite for many people, and a must on any list of delicious foods, this recipe can be used while continuing to lose weight.

By using whole wheat crust with more fiber and nutrients than a crust made with the typical white flour along with part-skim mozzarella that will save you many calories, you can keep eating pepperoni pizza without compromising your weight loss goals or any flavor!

2.     Blueberry Coffee CakeWho says you need to ditch breakfast and snack time if you want to lose weight? Breakfast and snack time are actually important to keep your metabolism running smoothly and efficiently, it’s just easy to skip out on eating healthy for breakfast or during snack time.

However, by using this delicious recipe for blueberry coffee cake, you can keep eating breakfast and snacks while continuing to lose weight. This recipe takes advantage of the delicious taste of blueberries by filling a cake with juicy berries and providing a tasty texture by sprinkling turbinado sugar on top. This is definitely one of the tastiest recipes that won’t compromise your weight loss goals.  

3.     Broccoli and Parmesan CasseroleThis one is for the vegetable lovers. It can be difficult to find a tasty casserole recipe without sacrificing a ton of calories, but here’s one that’s both delicious and healthy.

This recipe is loaded with calcium as broccoli is one of the best vegetable sources for calcium. As an addition to the cheese-thickened, béchamel sauce, which adds even more calcium to the meal, this meal is certainly a nutritious one! At only 154 calories per serving, this recipe is a must for those looking for delicious and healthy vegetable casserole.

4.     Chicken, Broccoli, and Cashew Stir-FryAny stir-fry meal is one of those things that can easily make you feel like a chef. It’s quick and easy, and usually delicious. And, of course, what’s a recipe list without a chicken entrée?

By using reduced-sodium soy sauce, reduced-sodium, fat-free chicken broth, and unsalted cashews, you can make a delicious chicken entrée that helps you with your weight loss goals. This recipe is especially helpful since chicken has an excellent supply of B vitamins that helps keep your metabolism running efficiently, like niacin and B6, which is necessary for efficient weight loss.

5.     Seafood Chowder – Usually chowders are considered to be the opposite of weight loss recipes since they are full of fat and creamy ingredients, but this delicious seafood chowder is quite different.

Made with root veggies, fresh shrimp, and fresh cod in a broth made of low-fat milk, olive oil, and flour, this chowder isn’t filled with all of the extra fat typically found in chowder that uses fatty cream. And, if shrimp or cod isn’t your favorite, you can easily replace the seafood with your favorite!

At the end of the day, losing weight doesn’t always have to be some intense battle between your control and the temptation of delicious foods. You can just lose weight by eating delicious recipes! However, you must keep in mind that losing weight is never a sprinting race. Rather, effective weight loss is a long-distance marathon and it must be treated as one.

By Russell McBurnie