Which Pharmacy Has the Lowest Prescription Drug Prices?

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You’re overwhelmed by the high cost of prescription drugs. One of your children has diabetes, your senior relative has heart disease and you were just diagnosed with bronchitis… how do you manage to pay for it all?  Filling monthly prescriptions has gotten awful pricey and you’re probably looking for ways to save money.
Save on Medical helps customers save on prescription drugs and medical costs with its handy new prescription price search tool. Pharmacies list their prices so shoppers can compare medication costs at different pharmacy locations near where they live.
Medications for you and your family can cost a pretty penny, especially when some medications are not covered by your health care plan. The Save On Medical Pharmacy Price Transparency Tool will help you and your family save more on the cost of prescription drugs.
Save on Medical Pharmacy Transparency Tool
Young or old, everyone wants to save money on prescriptions.  Using the Save on Medical Pharmacy Search tool provides you with a list of the pharmacies in your geographic location that carry the medication you need.  No need to travel miles to find lower prescription prices or order through the mail. With Save on Medical, you can find the closest location and lowest prices without calling around to a bunch of different locations.
How to Use the Save on Medical Pharmacy Search Tool
How does the prescription price transparency tool work for the pharmacy? It is really quite simple. Select the “Find Pharmacy” tab by clicking the second tab over the search bar on our home page.  
Type in the medication you need along with your city, and state in the search boxes. An example would be Lyrica, Tampa, FL.  Then click the green “Search” button. A list of locations for where you can purchase the prescription drug appears. Next select the quantity and dosage for instance 30 quantity and dosage 80 mg, on the left-hand side of the screen. TIP: Click on the amount before selecting a pharmacy.  
Often you can find save of $5 to $25 dollars per prescription. A variety of pharmacies and stores are listed CVS, Target, Kmart, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, supermarkets, and independent pharmacies. Each drug has the amounts and dosages available at the location. Each page lists about 20 pharmacies and often has 5 pages of results for each type drug.
When you decide on an individual pharmacy, you will click “Get Coupon” and have the option of emailing the coupon, printing it off, saving it or texting the coupon code to yourself to take it to the pharmacy for savings. You can call the pharmacy or store to verify the coupon validity before you go. Each pharmacy offers coupons for prescription drugs savings.  Prices for drugs range for $30 to $400 depending on what the prescription drug is. Finding ways to reduce medical costs  with prescription drugs means using a variety of different tools
You can also request your Save On Medical Prescription Savings Card to be mailed to you at home, that way you can always take advantage of savings without even saving the coupons you find on our site. Keeping this card in your wallet will help you save up to 75% on your next medication.
Don’t pay full price for your prescription drugs and medical procedures stop by Save on Medical and use our handy price transparency tool to find compare costs on prescription drugs.