Patients Find Affordable Health Care Online


“The health care system is flawed;” this is an obvious statement.  With the United States spending $2 Trillion on health care, it’s a wonder we have any money left over at all.  Of that $2 Trillion employers pay for 150 Million non-elderly citizens, Medicare pays for 50 Million elderly citizens and another 50 Million non-elderly citizens are uninsured.  So, if you don’t have insurance and you’re classified in that third portion, you either utilize self-pay or end up foregoing the care you need.
For those that are insured, whether through employment or not, the situation is not that much better.  Only 54% of employers offer insurance to their employees and the average family ends up paying an average of $3,500 each year out-of-pocket, despite insurance.  Additionally, deductibles and co-pays continue to rise, evident by the fact that 25% of our nation’s health care insurance plans are classified as high-deductible plans.
health care consumerism for patients
This is why 32% of patients are price shopping for their care.  Patients are learning that by being well-educated about their care opportunities, they can acquire quality care at affordable prices. Since radiology services are the procedures most frequently searched for, be sure to investigate before spending or deciding to go without care.  Your health is important, don’t let yourself be blinded by the confusion associated with medical costs.
Patients are already saving by shopping for their procedures online! Patients can save thousands of dollars on medical expenses without hardly even lifting a finger.
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