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How to Save Money at the Top 10 Pharmacies in the US

prescription discounts
Did you know prices for prescription drugs can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy? At one retailer, you could pay $40, while another would quote you $200. This large disparity in prices has more consumers than ever searching for the best discounts on health costs. It sounds odd, but oftentimes to find the best price it takes some haggling and...

4 Health Information Trends to Watch in 2017

Nations around the world are rushing to reform their healthcare sectors. Despite approaching this issue in different ways, they all have similar reasons for conducting these reforms. For one, their populations are both growing and aging. This trend has raised the cost of healthcare service delivery. Furthermore, global epidemics such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension and obesity are also on...

Health Care Pricing and Quality Transparency Resources

Consumerism in health care is a tricky game because pricing and quality transparency aren't easy to come by. Consumerism teaches us that there should be a direct relation between price and quality.  The old adage “you get what you pay for” is a realistic saying when you’re talking about buying a new car or computer, but it is simply not...

6 Surprising Medical Procedures You Can Find Deals On

deals on medical procedures
When it comes to cars, appliances, the latest fashions or electronics, consumers are constantly searching for the best deals; comparing prices of different options. This savvy consumerism has given way to companies and tools that offer immediate price and specs comparisons with the click of a button. But with the rise in consumerism, it still seems many deal-seekers are...

Five Signs You Should Shop for New Health Insurance

shopping online for affordable health insurance
You may have heard, but the open enrollment deadline is creeping up on us. On January 31st, open enrollment will close and your opportunity to change your health insurance plan or pick a new program without getting hit with fees. In fact, usually you can only enroll in a new insurance policy outside of open enrollment if you qualify...

How to Pick the Best Doctor for You

top radiology providers
People turn to their doctor for all kinds of issues throughout their life, both small and large, and with that said they want to trust that they have a doctor who is experienced and knowledgeable. While this may seem easy enough, it can be a rather frustrating process to pick a doctor. As a student in the online MSN...

Take Advantage of Health Insurance Deductible Before the End of the Year

year end healthcare deductible
Some people look at December as the month of Joy, Holly, and Mirth. For others it means going to the dreaded mall during holiday happy hour to get that pair of boots your significant other just has to have. Then, there’s those who look to the end of the year as the chance to squeeze in all of the...

How Do Out-of-Pocket Maximums Work?

health insurance costs
You’re probably aware that when it comes to most of your medical bills, you are “sharing” the costs with your insurance company. Deductibles, co-pays, premiums and co-insurance all illustrate this distribution methodology. What you might not know is that there is a maximum amount cited in your policy of what you are expected to pay each year as the...

How to Get the Most Out of Your Health Insurance Benefits

make the most of your health insurance
We know, we know—health insurance can be expensive. Premiums are rising and increasingly, procedures that were once covered aren’t being fully covered by your insurance. But we also know that many people aren’t taking full advantage of all the “perks” their healthcare plan offers. From free health assessments to discounts on health and wellness services and products, your health...

What is ACR Accreditation?

acr accreditations radiologists
You are ready to compare MRI costs and the acronym ACR keeps creeping into your Google search, yet you have no clue what it means or how it may affect your health care price comparison. Have no fear! We have arrived with our handy bucket of medical terms to dive into ACR accreditation and how it applies to you,...

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