Twitter Users Complain About Health Costs


We wanted to know how high health costs are affecting patients and knowing how many patients have chosen to go without the care they need due to cost, we weren’t surprised by the response. We took to Twitter to see how many Americans had voiced their complaints about high costs and were shocked by how many patients out there didn’t know that price transparency could have helped them find more affordable options. We saw some shocking tweets, from those afraid of getting their first MRI to those who complained about racking up astronomical medical bills. We’ve made it our mission to be a resource for patients, using our website to help them find affordable, yet high quality care in the U.S.  What better way to expand our reach and be of better use to our patients than to be there for them on Twitter?

We went on and looked for users who were airing their (completely legitimate) complaints about MRI costs, CT scan costs and medical bills in general, to share ways to help them save some money on the next go around. The tweets below are just a few of the individuals who are being affected by these high cost procedures.
Just imagine, these are only a few posts we found. How many more patients are experiencing these challenges and aren’t even taking to Twitter to air their grievances?

Our goal is to spread the word to patients across the country and let them know that they don’t have to avoid getting an MRI or any medical procedure that they need, just because they don’t think they can afford it.  By using a website like Save On Medical, patients can save over $1,000 or more on their medical bills. You wouldn’t just buy the first car you looked at, would you? No. You’d shop around, compare prices at different dealerships and purchase the car that was the best deal. Your health care procedures are just as important, so don’t be afraid to do your homework!