8 Inspiring Weight Loss Blogs To Keep You Motivated

8 Inspiring Weight Loss Blogs To Keep You Motivated


It’s certainly no secret that weight loss can be quite a tedious and persistent challenge for so many people. Whether it’s someone who is just trying to shed a few pounds for a big event, cut 10-25 pounds to get back to a weight they used to be at, or someone striving for massive weight loss, commonly experienced weight loss struggles can be demoralizing and overwhelming.

While most people would say any successful weight loss plan usually requires a well-designed diet, effective exercise regimens, and a change toward a more disciplined lifestyle, there’s another crucial factor that’s often overlooked. Even with the best weight loss plan, it is important to make sure that you stay motivated and inspired to keep going through tough points.

Motivation and inspiration can come from just about anywhere, and blogs throughout the internet provide people with the type of inspiration and motivation it takes to reach their goals. So, if you’re striving to reach your goal weight, here are 8 of the most inspiring blogs that can keep you motivated to reach your goal despite the many challenges of weight loss:

1.    Andie Mitchell

What better place to begin than with Andie Mitchell’s blog? She is a New York Times-bestselling author who has published a book covering her journey losing weight with a focus on self-love. Being someone who lost 135 pounds a decade ago, she knows quite a bit about the challenges of weight loss. Her blog focuses on helping readers live a “feel good, balanced life.” She highlights her experiences and talks about some of the things that helped her while providing readers with quite a few tasty recipes as she’s currently working on a new cookbook.

2.    Authentically Emmie

Emily Ho, who’s lost about 110 pounds despite her binge eating disorder, writes on her popular blog about fitness and her progress with weight loss while reviewing the latest health products. She adds something special to her blog by focusing on plus-size body positivity to help people feel good and happy about themselves at every point during their journey. To do so, she writes frequently giving tips and talking about plus-size fashion while also sharing with people her favorite places to find the best clothes.

3.    Cranky Fitness

While it works well for many, too much positivity can be difficult for others to handle. Some people just prefer more of a realistic perspective without all of the flowery stuff, which is where Jan Graham’s blog comes in. Jan is a wellness coach and her blog provides readers with a different attitude about losing weight as she uses humor and a tongue-in-cheek style to her posts. Her blog also consistently features posts from other fitness professionals and individuals with stories to share about weight loss.

4.    Fitnessista

Gina Harney’s blog provides readers advice and motivation from the perspective of a personal trainer, wellness coach, military wife, and mother. As she says, fitness is always in style, so she provides readers with realistic 12-week workout plans along with other specific workout sessions for particular parts of the body. She also adds in posts featuring recipes and other tips for losing weight effectively.

5.    Prior Fat Girl

Jennifer Emmert’s blog began in 2007 as a place where she could document her progress during a two-year goal to lose 100 pounds. Now, her blog aims to let her readers not feel coddled or like they can make excuses. She focuses on being real and taking a tough love approach. Balancing her tough love, she writes posts that share many, many tips on how to set goals, stick to them, and understand your body in a way that you can love it and care for it. She provides period posts devoted to binge eating which isn’t a commonly discussed issue despite being a struggle for many overweight individuals.

6.    Roni’s Weigh

Roni’s blog has been going strong since 2005, when it started as a place where she could share her experiences with Weight Watchers. To this day, Roni’s weight loss journey is continuing as strong as ever. She writes with the goal to help boost her readers’ confidence and self-image regardless of where you are in your weight loss journey. She also provides encouragement to the mothers out there trying to lose weight by sharing motherhood milestones and posting about workouts and healthy meals for even the busiest moms.

7.    Yum Yucky

Josie takes on the full role of a mom blogger in her blog. She focuses on an approach with common sense, honesty, and real-life humor in her blog, which provides readers with stories about her four children, her life, and her journey losing 40 pounds. She focuses on helping others being guilt-free and realistic in their journeys. She writes food reviews and posts videos featuring workout suggestions.

8.    No Thanks to Cake

Kelly’s blog takes form as a sort of journal for everyone to help them remember and strive for the ideal that healthy choices make life sweet. Her blog takes such a form because it started as an online journal for herself to document her weight loss journey. Her blog focuses on helping people become inspired to live their most healthy life possible. She also shares low-calorie, exciting recipes as well as other healthy eating tips. She also features fun posts such as what to do while traveling, both for activities and for eating.

At the end of the day, it comes down to you to lose weight. Of course, that doesn’t mean that a little blog inspiration won’t go a long way in helping you keep yourself going. Losing weight is a difficult marathon, and it helps to read articles from those who understand the journey.

By Russell McBurnie