Hunting for Affordable Medical Providers vs. Hunting for Pokemon

Hunting for Affordable Medical Providers vs. Hunting for Pokemon

Pokémon go took the world by storm. The sudden popularity of the app had people wondering if we’d all unintendedly time traveled back to the 90s. The app allows users to travel between the real world and the virtual Pokémon world and “catch” their favorites. The competition grew so wildly that people were very literally walking off cliffs and into oncoming traffic in search of these fictional anime characters.
Although the creators caught some backlash for this level of not-so-virtual reality, we can’t help but wonder, is the hunt for the most elusive, rare Pokémon really any different than the pursuit for affordable medical costs? Here are three key reasons we think that catching a healthcare cost break is a lot like catching a fictional Pokémon from your smartphone.
Catch the Research First
To boost your chances of bagging a rare Pokémon, you must first know how to play the game. The same is true when you compare healthcare costs. Whether on the hunt for the fire-breathing Charmander or stalking an affordable MRI scan provider or the best place to get a mammogram, one must certainly do their research.
Easy on the Trigger Finger
You might just want to swipe that little Pokeball at anything that moves, but surely that would result in a Poke-fueled day of disappointment. Instead, be patient, take your time and understand the consequences of your decision. When seeking the best MRI price or lowest cost healthcare options, you don’t just capture the first quote you receive, you patiently compare many prices to ensure you’ve found the best price possible.
Ready Yourself for Battle
You don’t just toss Pikachu into the ring with Blastoise right? You train your Pokemon, nurture them and teach them the ways of the Poke-world. The same principle is true with the hunt for affordable medical providers. You must be ready to accept defeat once or twice on the road while also knowing that sometimes to receive the fairest price you deserve; you must be willing to fight for it. While price transparency in healthcare has evolved significantly over the last couple years, it’s still not always easy to find out healthcare costs upfront. Save On Medical makes it easier.
Your quest for affordable medical providers can be arduous, but when armed with the information to make sound decisions about the future of your health, you’ll be well on your way to a happier relationship with healthcare.