How to Save On Medical Expenses in 2014


We’ve been seeing a lot of articles and new pieces recently, giving patients advice on how to save on medical expenses in 2014.  Everyone knows that the Affordable Care Act, also referred to as Obamacare, aimed to decrease healthcare costs and help more Americans become insured. It is no secret that Obamacare has not played out exactly as planned.
save money on healthcareIt’s not all bad though. The good news, is that Americans have grown much more aware of consumerism in the medical community. By making affordable healthcare a concept that is within reach, Obamacare has helped educate patients on the power of healthcare transparency. Now, doctors and hospitals are adopting price transparency and quality transparency as the standard.
More websites have emerged, putting patients in control of picking their own healthcare plans and shopping for their own appointments and procedures. is not the only website out there.  Healthcare Bluebook is a great website for patients to find average healthcare costs and ZocDoc is a useful application for patients to schedule appointments. Healthgrades is also robust website for patients to read reviews on their physicians and potential specialists before they choose them.
What we have done, is combine all of those components into one website. It’s not enough just to do your research and find healthcare costs; patients need a way to actually take advantage of those prices.  Many healthcare professionals and writers have said they want to see medical shopping become as easy as shopping for travel. Well, we think that time has come.
Welcome to Save On Medical. We’re excited to show patients and physicians what we can do in 2014.