How Save On Medical Can Help Improve Employee Wellness


We started Save On Medical to be a resource for uninsured patients when the uninsured population totaled close to 50 million. Since we launched our website in 2012, we’ve come to realize that as the health care industry has evolved, Save On Medical’s purpose has changed as well. In recent years, we have seen a decrease in the number of uninsured patients, but a rise in patients in high-deductible health plans. We’ve seen a significant rise in the number of people paying out-of-pocket and essentially self-financing their own health care, even with insurance.
uninsured americans
The most influential way we have seen Save On Medical evolve in terms of who the website helps, is in relation to employer groups. With a rise in the number of self-insured employers, more employer groups are looking for tools to help their employees save money on their medical costs. By telling their employees about Save On Medical, they are giving them a resource where they can compare the different prices of the procedure they need at different medical facilities.
It’s a win-win for both employers and employees, since providers are now competing on cost.
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The employers can keep costs down which could lower their premiums in upcoming years and if they don’t spend all the money they had allocated for employee health expenditures, that translates to profit. Employees can gain a better understanding of the procedures they need and feel confident in the providers they are choosing because they are acting as a consumer in the process. Additionally, they will have to pay less out-of-pocket for the procedure depending on what their responsibility is for medical procedures.
If you or your employer is interested in speaking with someone from Save On Medical about using us as a resource, simply click here and fill out our contact form!