Improving Price Transparency in Houston, Texas


KPRC2, a Houston based news channel, recently covered Save on Medical’s efficient way of using price transparency to connect patients with affordable health care prices. We are buzzing with excitement after being a featured story on their channel. Our goal is to make health care affordable and help patients avoid falling into the trap of pricey medical bills. We’re thrilled that KPCR2 has helped us spread our message that medical bills doesn’t have to break the bank if you use price transparency and shop around for procedures.
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See the summary of their news piece on us below:
Each and everyone one of us price shop whether it’s while grocery shopping, booking a hotel room, etc., but it seems that most people don’t go ‘doctor shopping’. According to Click2Houston, Patricia Thomas, a business woman in Houston, was complaining of shoulder pain and went to a neighborhood clinic. She hadn’t checked the prices beforehand and was later sent a hefty bill of $41,000 after receiving a series of CT scans.
Many people fall into the same trap Patricia Thomas fell into, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. If she had used Save On Medical’s website, she would have paid a mere $410 for a CT scan. Not only can you pay directly online, but you will not receive any bills in the future. No additional fees, no surprise costs. We allow you to pay online with all fees included.
Save On Medical offers MRIs, CT scans, x-rays, Ultrasounds, mammograms, and much more. You can even shop around using price transparency to find pricing for surgical procedures such as a colonoscopy or endoscopy. If you visit our website, you can click the drop down bar and search for any potentially needed procedure. The lowest price offer will appear first and the average price for your area will appear in order to show you your savings.
Matt Schneider, founder of Save On Medical, stated, “We can save patients nearly ten times what they might be spending at another health care provider.” For example, a chest x-ray in Houston averages $176, but if you book on Save On Medical, you can pay as little as $50.
We want to ensure that patients are getting fair, affordable, quality health care. It’s highly important that patients doctor shop and by using our website, you can do that in a click of a button. If you’re currently needing a medical procedure, visit our website in order to save yourself a hefty medical bill.
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