6 Surprising Medical Procedures You Can Find Deals On

deals on medical procedures

When it comes to cars, appliances, the latest fashions or electronics, consumers are constantly searching for the best deals; comparing prices of different options. This savvy consumerism has given way to companies and tools that offer immediate price and specs comparisons with the click of a button. But with the rise in consumerism, it still seems many deal-seekers are unaware that they can also hunt for the best prices on many medical procedures. In fact, most Americans spend thousands of dollars on medical procedures annually… without ever comparing prices.
With rising healthcare costs, more healthcare companies and insurance companies are offering price transparency tools, encouraging medical providers to offer competitive rates to well-informed shoppers. From online price comparison tools to haggling with your insurance company for the best price, there are many ways to save money on your medical bills. Below, we list 6 surprising medical procedures you can find deals on if you shop around.
It may seem like a strange practice to “shop” for where you’ll deliver your child, because having a baby is nothing like shopping for furniture.  If you knew, however, that simply comparing prices for labor and delivery at different providers could save you thousands, would you do it? Chances are you would.
C-sections cost nearly 30% more than natural birth, so the hunt for an affordable C-section is important. Call different hospitals and discuss your options for C-section pricing and talk to your insurance company to see if you’ve met your deductible, in which case you might not even be responsible for the costs.
Remember that staying in network doesn’t always save you money. For an x-ray, the national average price is around $220, but you can find hundreds of dollars in savings by using tools like SaveOnMedical.com for discounts if you pay out of your own pocket. Studies show that patients who use price comparison tools to shop around save an average of $125 on imaging services.
In just one price survey, responders cited that their Botox treatment cost anywhere from $15 to $800. That’s a big price disparity, but somehow both are right. Botox can be priced by the vial or unit ($12-15 per vial) or by the area, which can cost anywhere from $450-800 per area. Be sure to contact different doctors and med spas.  Stand firm when they deliver an answer like, “well it depends on the patient.” Many times, you can find a provider who will waive the fee of a consultation or offer monthly deals, so you can work out a more finite pricing agreement.
CT Scans
The national average price for a CT scan is around $695, so if your family doctor was to come in with a price around $800, you wouldn’t be too upset. But if you knew that at some providers, you could pay as little as $275 for the same procedure, you might change your tune. A drive to a new town or deviating from your longtime family practitioner could save you a bundle of cash, if you do the legwork.
New websites have sprung up all over the internet that allow patients to check the fairest pricing on the cost of lab tests. The cost of lab tests without insurance can be quite expensive. The average cost of lab tests without insurance is around $1,500. But these tests can provide vital health information for patients, which is why it is important to shop around. One way to find better pricing on blood work is to order the tests online, affording savings up to 85%!
A few phone calls may be all you need to compare pricing on LASIK eye surgery, since the procedure is relatively simple. While there are different types of LASIK surgery (bladeless, wavefront, etc.), which can run at various rates, 22% of eye surgeons quote different prices based on the technology used and the vision correction required for a particular patient.
Shopping around for a medical procedure the same way you shop for a new computer may seem odd, but the fact is that comparing health care prices and pushing for the best possible deal on your medical procedures can save you thousands of dollars each year. Don’t be afraid to seem like a crazy couponer or a pushy haggler. When it comes you your health, you are entitled to finding the best possible care for the best possible price.