Employers Benefits of Using Healthcare Transparency Tools


With increased health costs and increased business costs, employers are looking for more creative and innovative ways to cover their employees.  Benefit management groups like Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. are constantly searching for new tools to help their clients save money, so we decided to put together some materials for them.  Being based in Florida, we thought we’d take a look at average costs in the state to estimate potential overall savings for employers.

  Cost Per MRI Cost of 50 MRIs
Average Cost in Florida



Save On Medical Average




The price difference comes out to $42,764 worth of savings, on just 50 MRIs.  For a large, self-insured company; those kinds of savings are significant.  There are other benefits as well of course, other than price.  With over 100 imaging centers in Florida being in Save On Medical’s network, Florida employers have plenty of options when it comes to care for their employees.  There is nothing worse than paying an arm and a leg for an MRI when you don’t even have the option of choosing where you go for it.  Consumerism in healthcare has been long coming and employees are starting to recognize their role in it all.

Employers have their own set of benefits as well including:

  • Cost containment/decreases
  • Improved quality of care due to Save On Medical’s rigorous standards for physicians
  • Better care coordination
  • Customized care plan for employees

Things are not as they used to be for employers. Consumerism in health care is not a pipe dream anymore, the tools exists to help them find affordable care for their employees. If you need help taking matters into your own hands, Save On Medical can help. Click here to save money on health costs for your company.