E-commerce Site Brings Price Transparency to States With High Uninsured Populations


Save On Medical has been adding new radiology providers to their e-commerce site left and right over the last few months, but our main initiative was to focus on filling out the physician networks in states where their were high uninsured populations.  Don’t you just love it when you hit your goals? (Snaps for this healthcare start-up.)
According to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s statistics, the top 8 states as far as uninsured populations are as follows:

texas forever friday night lights tim riggins
Adding 16 new providers in Texas makes Save On Medical & Tim Riggins pretty darn happy. #texasforever

  1. Texas: 27%
  2. Nevada: 27%
  3. Florida: 25%
  4. New Mexico: 24%
  5. Louisiana: 22%
  6. Montana: 22%
  7. Georgia: 22%
  8. California: 21%

Proudly, we can say that our website now lists affordably priced imaging procedures in all of the aforementioned states with the exception of Montana.  This is important to us, because our website was built initially with uninsured patients in mind.
As the most active patient-consumers, uninsured individuals are driven to shop around for low cost procedures because of the steep out-of-pocket costs that are often associated with self-pay rates.  By giving them a price transparency tool to compare providers in their area, we hope to help them lower their medical bills and put them in control of their own health.
Patients in high deductible health plans can benefit from shopping around for care as well. Often times, if a generally healthy individual injures himself or herself and needs an imaging procedure, that will be their highest expense that year. Since they will have to pay that cost out of their own pocket and will likely not hit their deductible, paying self-pay could be their most affordable option.
We’re pleased that we’ve reached this milestone and thank all the patients who have been sending us kind words of praise letting us know how much we’ve helped them. Cheers to many more!
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