Decoding Your Prescriptions: What You Need to Know Beyond Drug Costs


Understanding prescription drug costs can be confusing, especially when you realize how wide the pricing variation can be between generic drugs and brand-name prescriptions. Before you can even begin to understand how to save money on your prescription drugs, it’s important to understand more of the “behind the scenes” information about pharmacies and what goes into the prescription process. This infographic, created by Carrington College, answers many patients’ questions about prescriptions that they may not have asked before, including:

  • Who Can Write Prescriptions: State by State?
  • Why Is it Important to Know My Prescription?
  • What Goes Into a Prescription?
  • What Do the Abbreviations on my Prescription Mean?
  • What Do I Need to Know About Generic Drugs?
  • How Much Are Generic Drugs In Comparison to Brand-Name Drugs?

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decoding prescriptions infographic
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