Comparing The Average Cost of Lab Tests and Blood Tests


As if undergoing blood tests and other medical testing wasn’t stressful enough, you also have the factor of price to worry about. Medical services are not known for being cheap or affordable, but that does not necessarily mean they have to be expensive either. As a matter of fact, many medical testing facilities are making a move towards more affordable healthcare.

It is possible for you as a patient to take advantage of this healthcare movement if you know where to look. You also have to know what you are looking at. For example, you can’t know if you are getting a more affordable blood count test if you do not want the usual price is. Just because a medical facility says they offer affordable testing doesn’t mean they are being completely honest.

There are a couple of key factors that will influence the cost of a blood test and other lab testing. The overall severity of your condition will play an important role. This also influences the intensity of the service. For example, it may require more frequent tests, which will increase the price. Finally, there is the matter of where you receive your testing. This can have the biggest influence of all the factors.

To help you out in this journey we have compiled and compared some of the average costs of various medical lab tests. Use this information so that you can better understand the tests, what they accomplish, and what they normally cost. Then you can search for a service that offers more affordable pricing.

Complete Blood Count Tests
A Complete Blood Count(CBC) test is a fairly routine lab test that can help gauge your general health and diagnose a variety of different health conditions. It is usually required if your doctor suspects that you are suffering from an infection or anemia, as well as other conditions that can affect your blood cells.
The blood test will examine different parts of the blood. This includes the white and red blood cell count, white and red blood cell differential, platelet count, MCH concentration, and a few other areas. Despite being a diverse test, the price is usually lower than many other lab tests.
The average cost of a CBC test will be between $25 and $30. However, some labs may charge as much as five times this fee. These are the labs you want to avoid if you can. It is entirely possible to find labs that charge as little as $20 for this array of tests.

Allergy Tests
Allergy tests are another common lab test with a wide price range. An allergy test alone is not exactly reliable if not compiled with an in-depth screening from your doctor. It is a good idea to only schedule an allergy test if your doctor’s exam points to allergies as being the source of your current problems. Taking an allergy test without a doctor’s recommendation could lead to unwanted false positives.
There are two types of common allergy tests with differing price ranges. The skin tests can range anywhere from $50 to $300 on average. Again, that price can increase dramatically depending on where you receive the testing. There are also blood allergy tests that can cost as much as $1,000.
A skin test is sufficient in most cases. However, if you take medications or have a rash that prevents a typical skin test, then you may have to opt for the blood test instead. It is important to find a lab that offers competitive pricing because insurance will not always cover the entirety of blood allergy testing.

Other Tests
There are dozens of other tests you can receive at a medical lab. Urinary tests are some of the most affordable and usually no more than $20 at the most. An electrocardiogram can cost between $50 and $100 at most labs. Cardiac catheterization and MRI costs tend to be some of the highest and can reach upwards of $2,000, but you can save up tow $1,500 if you price shop.
With such a wide range of fees, you can see why it is important to research and find an affordable health care facility. Doctor’s recommendations are a great place to start, but they should not be your stopping point. Search online and compare prices of all the labs, blood test locations and medical facilities in your local area.

Written By: Kyle Johnson, a successful business owner who enjoys writing. Check out his site to find the best in custom lab casework and fume hoods.