How Choosing the Wrong Doctor Can Have Lasting Implications

How Choosing the Wrong Doctor Can Have Lasting Implications

Imagine a new reality show, modeled after The Bachelor, in which different medical providers compete to be your very own doctor. The stakes are high, your life is on the line and The Doctor Season 1 has begun. A dozen white coats stand in a fluorescently lit hallway, some checking their expensive watches and tapping their Italian leather shoes on the tile, others nervously wringing their hands. Finding a quality doctor can be hard, how do you tell which ones are truly high quality and which ones look good on paper, but are quacks behind the scenes?
You stand holding one golden stethoscope. Only one medical provider will make it out of the evening with this glittering token of your affection. Expectedly, the night will unfold in three pivotal stages.
The Promises
Each medical provider comes forward making a slew of promises, from more affordable mammogram screenings to cheaper prescription drugs. They all promise they take your insurance, though not one has seen your card. You nod and smile, overwhelmed by the mound of possibilities.
The Choices
You’ve narrowed it down to three seemingly credible healthcare professionals. You have based your decision on the ease of comparing healthcare costs at their practice, time spent discussing your treatment options and of course the quality of their bedside manner. In the wake of a new diagnosis, you cannot afford to make the wrong decision here. Healthcare cost is important, but so is an experienced provider with a proven record of accomplishment. Quality matters here, looks aren’t everything.
The Decision
If you choose the wrong provider, the implications could be dire. If you need a new knee, you need a surgeon who has a long record of successful knee replacements and who does it for the patient, not the paycheck. If your child needs a brain scan, you don’t rely just on one opinion, you’re going to ask your friends and family who they think is the best fit for you too.
Choosing a provider with only his or her own agenda in mind could be the difference between walking with a limp for life or finally completing that half marathon next year. It could mean the difference between compounding unpaid medical bills because of a “technicality” and the peace of mind that your insurance company and your medical provider have it all handled in tandem.
So, what do you do? You don’t choose a medical provider based on surface factors. He or she may have kind eyes, drive an expensive car and have a heap of nice things to say about your condition, but when it comes down to business, can they get the job done effectively, safely and for your benefit? Hopefully your decision to choose a medical provider is met with a bit more care than that found between contestants on The Bachelor. And if it is, we think you’re safe.
Some tips on how to choose the best doctor for you:

  • After you narrow it down to your top 3 providers, don’t just look at the price of medical procedures they offer, look at their Docometer score as well.
  • See if any other patients have provided valuable feedback after visiting their office.
  • Don’t just stop at SaveOnMedical, check their Facebook pages too to see if they have a good reputation online. Facebook is the social media version of word-of-mouth, after all.