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There are so many different surgeries and procedure options - how are patients supposed to know what is best for them without getting a medical degree themselves? We give you a peek behind the curtain into everything there is to know about your upcoming surgery.

How Safe Is An MRI, Really?

When it comes down to it, medical procedures are a little bit like snowflakes. No two procedures are exactly the same. Some are more...
deals on medical procedures

6 Surprising Medical Procedures You Can Find Deals On

When it comes to cars, appliances, the latest fashions or electronics, consumers are constantly searching for the best deals; comparing prices of different options....

6 Most Common Medical Procedures for Women

Patient consumers are on the rise and we’re seeing that over 80% of surveyed Americans have searched online to find more information about medical...

Most Common Surgeries Performed in the U.S. and How Much Does Surgery Cost?

Each year, millions of Americans go under the knife to treat a disease, fix a medical issue, ease pain, or to improve their overall...

Mammogram Age Advice: What Is the Recommended Age for Your First Mammogram?

There is a lot of debate about what the best age is to get your first mammogram as mammography guidelines vary based on which organization...

How Shopping for Medical Procedures and Airline Tickets Are Similar

Are you one of those people who scour daily deal sites just to save a couple dollars on a big expense? You're not alone,...

Understanding the Cost of Mammograms and a Double-Mastectomy

Getting an annual mammogram is the first step in defeating breast cancer, but what if someone ends up being one of the 1-in-8 who...

Chargemasters & Hospital Self-Pay Mistakes

As price transparency trends call attention to hospitals and physician’s offices to display the costs of their services, we’ve learned some new hot topic...

Diagnosing Yourself: To WebMD Or Not To WebMD

We’ve all been there before. You come down with some pretty basic symptoms…you’ve had frequent headaches the past couple of days, a decently stuffed...
Weight Loss Surgeries: Pros, Cons, & Costs

Weight Loss Surgeries: Pros, Cons, & Costs

Going under the knife for weight loss is an option that should not be taken lightly. Surgery can be costly, dangerous and painful, but the results have the potential to change the life of the patient. Weight loss is unique for every person and is dependent on the individual’s metabolism, diet and pre-disposed medical factors. 

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