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With so many medications and prescription options available, it can be practically impossible to decide which ones are best for you. How can you decide between two prescriptions that are so similar and how do you know when medications vs. a lifestyle change vs. surgery is the right course of action for treatment/?

Comparing The Average Cost of Lab Tests and Blood Tests

As if undergoing blood tests and other medical testing wasn't stressful enough, you also have the factor of price to worry about. Medical services...

Decoding Your Prescriptions: What You Need to Know Beyond Drug Costs

Understanding prescription drug costs can be confusing, especially when you realize how wide the pricing variation can be between generic drugs and brand-name prescriptions....

Do Research to Lower Prescription Drug Prices and Avoid Medical Errors

If you are one of the estimated 928.6 million who pay a visit to their doctor every year, you’re making great strides to keep...
Healthcare Price Comparison: EpiPen Cost

Healthcare Price Comparison: EpiPen Cost

So You Need an EpiPen…Or Do You? By now you’ve probably heard about the EpiPen pricing debacle—Mylan, the pharmaceutical company who manufactures EpiPen, has...
How Safe Is your Prescription Drug?

How Safe Is your Prescription Drug?

In 2015, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, approved 45 new prescription medications – more than double the amount a decade previously. The...

6 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Prescription Drug Costs

With prescription prices on the rise and no end in sight, many who rely on prescription drugs often find their bills as high as...
prescription discounts

How to Save Money at the Top 10 Pharmacies in the US

Did you know prices for prescription drugs can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy? At one retailer, you could pay $40, while another would quote...
apps for prescription deals

Which Pharmacy Has the Lowest Prescription Drug Prices?

You’re overwhelmed by the high cost of prescription drugs. One of your children has diabetes, your senior relative has heart disease and you were...

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