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These articles are all about how to treat the most common injuries, where you can go for treatment and how to find affordable ways to get medical care when you need it.

deals on medical procedures

6 Surprising Medical Procedures You Can Find Deals On

When it comes to cars, appliances, the latest fashions or electronics, consumers are constantly searching for the best deals; comparing prices of different options....

8 Most Common Medical Procedures for Men

We have found that normally, women are much more likely to price shop for medical procedures than men but that doesn’t mean there aren’t...

Most Common Sports Injuries | Average Cost of MRI

If you or your child play sports, you are no stranger to athletic injuries. The old adage, “it’s all fun and games until someone...

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most common sports injuries

The Top 5 Most Common Sports Injuries

From the local sports field to the massive stadiums, people of all ages go out each week to compete in their favorite sport. Most...
the importance of bone health

Why Your Bone Health Is So Important

Bones support your body and movement, protect your internal systems and comprise your essential skeleton. A bone is a living, growing tissue made of...
price shopping radiology procedures

Five Imaging Procedures With the Largest Cost Variance

Not only do different imaging procedures differ in price, but depending on where you go you could end up paying different prices for the...