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Healthcare costs are a huge problem for Americans - how to understand medical bills, how to find clear health care costs, how to pay for medical bills. The challenges are endless, but we're here to help.

apps to find discounted medications

As Prescription Drug Costs Soar Save On Medical Helps Families Cut Costs

With the U.S. spending spending over $340 Billion dollars each year on prescription medications, people are becoming more resourceful in an attempt to lower...
apps for prescription deals

Which Pharmacy Has the Lowest Prescription Drug Prices?

You’re overwhelmed by the high cost of prescription drugs. One of your children has diabetes, your senior relative has heart disease and you were...
explain healthcare costs

How to Explain How the Healthcare System Works to Anyone

The healthcare system is highly confusing at the outset, but it's important for Americans to understand how the health care system works. Those untrained...

Comparison Shopping for Your Medical Procedures Can Save You Money

It can be difficult decision, determining whether or not to delay a medical procedure if do not have insurance or if your insurance company...

20 Habits of Healthy and Thrifty People

Cutting out meat from your diet, even on just one day each week can decrease your risk of heart disease by up to 19%, according...
prescription discounts

How to Save Money at the Top 10 Pharmacies in the US

Did you know prices for prescription drugs can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy? At one retailer, you could pay $40, while another would quote...

4 Health Information Trends to Watch in 2017

Nations around the world are rushing to reform their healthcare sectors. Despite approaching this issue in different ways, they all have similar reasons for...

Health Care Pricing and Quality Transparency Resources

Consumerism in health care is a tricky game because pricing and quality transparency aren't easy to come by. Consumerism teaches us that there should be...
deals on medical procedures

6 Surprising Medical Procedures You Can Find Deals On

When it comes to cars, appliances, the latest fashions or electronics, consumers are constantly searching for the best deals; comparing prices of different options....
shopping online for affordable health insurance

Five Signs You Should Shop for New Health Insurance

You may have heard, but the open enrollment deadline is creeping up on us. On January 31st, open enrollment will close and your opportunity...

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