Health Apps

As the healthcare industry evolves, more and more health tech companies are popping up to make the patient process easier and more simplistic. Here, we'll share some of the best apps you need to know about!

The Price is Right: Stop Guessing Health Care Costs

Let’s set the scene. You’re homesick (or just playing hooky). You shuffle in your slippers out into the living room where you plop down...

Price Transparency’s Impact on Healthcare Shopping

Imagine if we shopped for our groceries the same way we shopped for healthcare procedures. We walk down an aisle at the grocery store...

Employers Benefits of Using Healthcare Transparency Tools

With increased health costs and increased business costs, employers are looking for more creative and innovative ways to cover their employees.  Benefit management groups...

7 Best Websites Built For Healthcare Cost Savings

With healthcare consumerism on the rise, it is important for patients to have access to tools that can help them save money and make...

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