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As the healthcare industry evolves, more and more health tech companies are popping up to make the patient process easier and more simplistic. Here, we'll share some of the best apps you need to know about!

Comparison Shopping for Your Medical Procedures Can Save You Money

It can be difficult decision, determining whether or not to delay a medical procedure if do not have insurance or if your insurance company...
healthcare security and privacy

Privacy and Information in Healthcare: Where Do We Stand?

The implementation of information technology has really changed our healthcare landscape. Patients can now have a detailed medical history kept in the cloud, where...
apps for prescription deals

Which Pharmacy Has the Lowest Prescription Drug Prices?

You’re overwhelmed by the high cost of prescription drugs. One of your children has diabetes, your senior relative has heart disease and you were...

Twitter Users Complain About Health Costs

We wanted to know how high health costs are affecting patients and knowing how many patients have chosen to go without the care they...

The Evolution of Healthcare Price Transparency Tools

Looking back at health care consumers in 2000 versus patients in 2015 is like comparing present day medical practices with an episode of Dr....

Top Tips That Help You Save on Medical Bills Before They Arrive

Guest Post By: Colleen McGuire, VP of Communications at Healthcare.com Full disclosure – this article is about health insurance. Yes, dull, even yawn-worthy health insurance....
Save Money On Your Medical Bills: A Drinking Game

Save Money On Your Medical Bills: A Drinking Game

According to a 2014 public opinion survey by TransUnion Healthcare, around 54% of Americans are confused by their medical bills. So in this installment...

Employers Benefits of Using Healthcare Transparency Tools

With increased health costs and increased business costs, employers are looking for more creative and innovative ways to cover their employees.  Benefit management groups...

5 Ways Having Health Insurance Can Help Improve Your Health & Lower Healthcare Costs

It’s no secret that sick patients could need some form of costly medical care at some point in time. In cases like this, having...

How To Lose Weight: 5 Weight Loss Apps

The majority of people are constantly roaming for new, innovative apps to download on their phones. Fortunately, these amazing weight loss apps are not just for fun, their goal is to show you how to lose weight Continue reading here >

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