Catalyst for Payment Reform Releases New Transparency Report


Earlier this week, the transparency superstars at Catalyst for Payment Reform released their 2014 report card on state-by-state transparency efforts. In 2013, their report went viral, highlighting the seriously lackluster state of transparency across the country. ┬áThis year, the grades are even more dismal. The top 2 states; Maine and Massachusetts received ‘B’ grades. In second place, we have Colorado, Vermont and Virginia, who don’t really even have much to brag about coming in with a ‘C’ grade. The rest of the states received ‘F’ grades and clearly have a LOT of work to do.

Catalyst For Payment Form Report Card Scores
Catalyst For Payment Form Report Card Scores

Check out the full report here: Catalyst for Payment Reform Report Card
Now let us know your thoughts on how your state stacked up!