California Health Costs & The Demand for Transparency


California health costs
California released a series of healthcare quality reports, shining light on a number of key issues patients are facing in relation to care delivery, insurance plans and costs.  One of our favorite LA Times writers, Chad Terhune, broke down the reports for readers, pointing out the most important elements of the reports:

  • Patients are still facing issues related to:
  • Plans still making it hard for patients to get care
  • No help controlling chronic conditions like asthma and diabetes
  • Patients still facing high deductibles
  • Patients being responsible for a larger share of their health costs (even those with employee coverage)
  • Low quality ratings for most health plans

While a number of previously uninsured Californians have picked up coverage since the end of 2013, many are wondering if this path has proven not to be their best plan of action.  In a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation in September, a number of uninsured patients discussed their financial situation, saying they were concerned about eligibility and cost of coverage, classifying themselves as financial stressed.
Patients across the country are calling for better transparency, those who are both uninsured and those who have coverage.  We want to help California patients in any way that we can, so we’re proud to add even more California doctors to our site.  Our newest additions are in Los Angeles and Fallbrook.  Hopefully this is the first step in the right direction for California.
Check out the radiology providers in California listing their costs online with our price transparency tool.