What is ACR Accreditation?

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You are ready to compare MRI costs and the acronym ACR keeps creeping into your Google search, yet you have no clue what it means or how it may affect your health care price comparison. Have no fear! We have arrived with our handy bucket of medical terms to dive into ACR accreditation and how it applies to you, your medical costs and your health.
What is ACR?
ACR refers to the American College of Radiology. The ACR accreditation is recognized as the standard in medical imaging accreditation. Facilities that have received their ACR accreditation will proudly display or advertise this accolade, making it easier for patients to recognize the standard of excellence of different facilities when they compare healthcare costs, providers and care.
What does an ACR accreditation evaluation include?
The ACR evaluates a number of factors including medical practices and procedures, quality control procedures, quality assurance programs, personnel qualification and safety and capability of imaging equipment.
Who is or can become accredited?
After a peer evaluation of a facility and its staff, the ACR will grant accreditation to those who have met the quality standards mentioned above.
acr accredited radiology centersFacilities providing the following types of services can be granted an ACR accreditation:

  •    Mammograms
  •    CT Scans
  •    MRIs
  •    Breast Ultrasounds
  •    Ultrasounds
  •    Radiation Oncology
  •    PET scans
  •    Nuclear Medicine
  •    Breast Biopsy

For more information on facilities with ACR accreditation, visit the ACR website where you can easily compare qualified health care providers using the Accredited Facility Search.
Why choose an ACR-accredited facility?
With an ACR accreditation, you have peace of mind that your health care center has undergone a voluntary and arduous review process to be sure it meets national standards of performance. An ACR accreditation also means that the healthcare staff are qualified to perform and understand your imaging as well as administer treatment after a diagnosis. Finally, it allows you to rest assured that the equipment has been tested and meets quality and safety regulations.
Save On Medical strives to provide patients with access to the very best doctors, and for radiology, that means ACR accreditations. Be sure to compare different healthcare facilities before booking your appointment. An ACR accreditation can provide additional security that you’ll receive the best quality of care available.