8 Most Common Medical Procedures for Men


We have found that normally, women are much more likely to price shop for medical procedures than men but that doesn’t mean there aren’t consumer driven male patients. Of the eight most common medical procedures men receive, at least 5 can be easily price shopped before the surgery or test.

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Remember though that just because you can’t find out the cost of a procedure before your appointment, doesn’t mean you are stuck with that price on your final bill. Follow a few easy tips to lower your medical bills and health costs.

8 Most Common Medical Procedures for Men:

  1. PTCA: Percutaneous coronary angioplasty, which is a minimally invasive procedure to open up blacked coronary arteries. It helps with blood circulation around the heart.
  2. Arthroplasty knee: This is also known as a total knee replacement. This surgery replaces parts of the knee that are not working, with prostheses.
  3. Laminectomy: Excision Intervertebral disc, this surgery creates space to relieve pressure by removing the part of the vertebra covering your spinal canal.
  4. Spinal Fusion: This surgery is used to fix small bone issues within the vertebrae by fusing painful parts together to heal.
  5. Hip Replacement: Total hip replacement involves removing excess cartilage from the hip joint and replacing it with new artificial materials, while a partial replacement only replaces half of the hip joint.
  6. CT Scan: A CT scan using x-ray tests produce multiple, 3D images of organs, bones, soft tissues and blood vessels. CT scans can be ordered to quickly identify trauma injuries, guide biopsies, evaluate the success of a surgery, plan radiation treatments and measure bone density.
  7. Circumcision: This ancient practice is often performed for religious reasons, but now parents have this procedure performed for a myriad of reasons, resulting in 6 Million circumcisions each year.
  8. Appendectomy: The surgical removal of a patient’s appendix is usually an emergency procedure, making it a challenge to price shop but with over 560,000 appendectomies performed each year patients can still make comparisons based on an average cost of $13,100.

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