5 Most Expensive States for Healthcare


One of the biggest challenges that patients face in the US health care system, is finding affordable health care options and having the ability to compare costs. As websites like Save On Medical gain traction and more states adopt price transparency, costs have started to go down but prices still vary greatly from state-to-state. This is to be expected, based on population, cost of living etc., but take a look at some of the most expensive states for health care, this way you can determine if traveling for more affordable options, could be worth it for your family.

  1. Massachusetts – While healthcare spending in Massachusetts has gone down over the last few years, the costs of insurance premiums, especially for retired clients, still remains one of the highest in the country, totally $151,110 over 20 years. They have an awesome state-wide price transparency website which has contributed to more sensible pricing, but the average prices for procedures are much higher because of the larger Boston hospitals who can afford to charge more.
    1. MRI in Boston – $600
  2. Colorado – Colorado is a booming area, with some of the highest costs of living around. The same goes for their average monthly health insurance premiums in the mountain regions, with costs coming in at a whopping $462 each month. The good news is, that Colorado received a B on the price transparency grading, which means good things for consumer-driven patients.
    1. MRI in Denver – $555
  3. Mississippi – In the Southeastern area of Mississippi, Kaiser Health reports that the cheapest monthly premium for a 40-year-old person is $399, which is more than double what people in Salt Lake City pay (around $173/month).
    1. MRI Jackson, MS – $550
  4. New York – Some of the state’s top doctors are located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. World-renowned physicians work in famous hospitals and have their own private practices as well, so that could be why costs are so high. For instance, a C-Section on the Upper East Side will cost a patient around $19,107 while an hour and a half away, the same procedure in Trenton New Jersey only costs about $12,264.
    1. MRI Manhattan – $514
  5. Florida – For seniors, Medicare Parts B, and D and supplemental insurance premiums Florida’s total for a 20-year long retirement insurance plan totals in at $152,184. That is one of the highest in the country due to the number of retirees living there. However, when searching for prices of radiology procedures, for example, there are tons of affordable options because of a large amount of IDTFs (Independent diagnostic testing facilities) in the state.
    1. MRI Miami – $444