The Future of Health Care Is Patient Engagement With Transparency


“How can health care delivery invest in their patients to create a higher level of activation in their own care?” We offer two suggestions: 1) build into every step of the care process a meaningful role for patients and their families; and 2) tailor and customize care in a way that helps patients acquire the knowledge and skills they need to effectively manage their health.

In practice, this means giving patients, who desire it, more autonomy and control. 

This quote is from a recent article on The Health Care Blog discussing how educated, active patients translate to better outcomes and costs. This is true in all scopes of health care but especially true for the patients we aim to serve here at Save On Medical.  We hope that by educating patients on their options when it comes to their care that they will become more active members in their care process. The goal is to spread the word to patients about options, that the future of health care is in fact here and they can shop for care in the same way that they shop for travel deals and other various goods.