Save On Medical Adds Six More Radiology Centers in Central Florida


With the addition of six more practices to their site, Save On Medical gives Central Florida patients more options to compare prices, get the best deals, and receive care by the best doctors.  

 Save On Medical, which already has over 100 physicians in Florida and is based in Tampa, is pleased to announce the addition of six more practices in Central Florida.  With more centers to compare, the uninsured patients in Florida are able to get the procedures they need at the cheapest price possible.  The new additions are located in Ocala and The Villages. 

With 20 % of the Florida population uninsured, Save On Medical is a valuable resource to those 3.8 million Florida residents without insurance and have to pay out of pocket.  Price transparency is in high demand for the uninsured population but also benefits the consumer-driven patients and those in high deductible health plans.

The ability to price shop and compare just got better for patients in Central Florida, with the addition of; Clinical PET of Ocala locations, with two locations in The Villages and four locations in Ocala. 

About Save On Medical


Save On Medical is a patient tool similar to Expedia for travelers. The website allows patients to price shop, compare and book health care procedures online. Patients are able to search for medical services by price, quality and convenience with the help of the SOM Docometer. By comparing average costs of services in the patients’ region, Save On Medical allows for pricing transparency in the health care market, helping the patient to decide what is important to them when it comes to their care. Save On Medical patients can easily schedule appointments and pay for services stress-free and at a fraction of the price, in a time where health care costs are high and price transparency seems impossible.