Save On Medical New Years Resolutions


Ready and raring to go in 2013, we decided to make some resolutions for ourselves aside from the traditional promises to eat healthier and lead better lives. A resolution is defined as a firm decision to do or not do something, so it seems resolving might be a bit more definitive than your general “goal setting.” Starting today we resolve to do the following:

  • More price honesty
  • Reach more patients
  • Help doctors segue into the future of health care

Making good on New Year’s resolutions is all about execution of course, so how will we do it? 

Price Honesty

Some physicians consider the move towards transparency as a rather radical move, but most recognize that the time has come for honesty. Upfront prices and quality grades will be key.  The stigma of health care bills from a patient standpoint is the sticker shock associated with high cost procedures. Mark-ups and the mistake of not price shopping can leave patients with a pretty bad taste in their mouths, so embracing transparency for the benefit of patients automatically sets the bar higher for patient satisfaction.

Helping More Patients

We built our application with patients in mind so it makes sense that in 2013 our goal will be to work closer with patients. Finding out what is important to them so that we can continue to improve our application will be necessary to extend our reach. We know that when it comes to medical care, the best referral comes from word of mouth, so as we focus on positive patient experiences on our site, we hope our success stories will share Save On Medical with their friends and family interested in price shopping.

Work With Referring Physicians

Our network of physicians has grown and our next step is to work with their referring physicians to simplify their patient processes. Based on our conversations with them, it is clear that they need a better way to help their self-pay patients and price sensitive patients find quality, affordable care. A resource like our website will easily bridge that need-gap. It will make their staffs’ jobs easier, save them time and make their patients happier and less stressed.

 Save On Medical Bills

With health care changes galore in 2013 we’re predicting an influx in patients getting the care they need due to increased coverage. This will also result in more comparison-shopping and physicians making themselves more competitive with transparency and improved accessibility online. You could say we’re excited.