Marketing Health Care Quality and Price Transparency to Patients


Recently, radiology providers are seeing decreased MRI procedure volume and reimbursements, forcing them to find creative ways to attract new patients.  The largest growing patient segment is comprised of uninsured and under-insured patients, which means that there is a captive price sensitive audience that is already price shopping for services.  Your practice needs to capture them where they are, which is online.

At Save On Medical, we get it. We built a tool for you, based on the 6 principles of provider needs in the health care market including; differentiation, control, increased reach, higher collections, capacity exchange and benchmarking information.

Increased Reach and Revenue

Save On Medical uses search engine optimization in order to capture the attention of captive patients already looking to book appointments, thus eliminating the old spend and pray mentality associated with ineffective advertising expenses while driving patients and additional revenue to your practice


By showing the relationship between cost and quality with The Docometer Score, Save On Medical helps patients to understand value in the health care system and determine the difference in quality between competing providers to make their own educated decisions.


You have the ability to edit your message via your company profile on Save On Medical at any time allowing for negotiation of a controlled message, rather than relying on your staff and losing potential revenue. The Request Manager also helps you keep track of every Save On Medical patient along the patient experience.  Seamlessly confirm appointment requests, send payment requests, schedule procedure times, communicate with patients and review your patient-provided feedback.

Capacity Exchange

The ability to change pricing and manage various accounts on the fly keeps your profile up to date, allowing you to take advantage of promotional pricing and specials for when cancellations occur.  Easily publish and unpublish prices to let patients know about deals and opportunities such as later hours, open on weekends or changes to your facility.

Information Gathering

The Care Manager Dashboard allows for easily accessed analytics of success, giving your practice the tools to chart and follow the needs of price-shopping patients and showing how successful your staff and facility is at implementing the self-pay process. The simple dashboard points to profile views, breaks down procedures completed into popularity and helps you understand the nature of conversion rates on your profile page.  Effortlessly review patients that have booked procedures and navigate current patients through their process.


Save On Medical helps collect payments for services before or at the time of service, rather than afterwards, allowing for a more effective self-pay collection process, eliminating the challenges associated with cash pay patients. In most cases, practices have reported that 80% of self-pay services go uncollected, until now.

Now you just sit back and wait for patients to come through. When patients request appointments at your practice, it is as simple as logging into your account and moving them through the booking process.  Confirming that they have all the appropriate materials and preparation instructions before their appointment, which you schedule with them over the phone, then sending a payment request are the last steps before they come in for their appointment.

Finally, a resource built for patient education that benefits you, the health care provider giving you back the control, a new patient market and improved self-pay collections.

Save On Medical, we get it.