20 Habits of Healthy and Thrifty People


Cutting out meat from your diet, even on just one day each week can decrease your risk of heart disease by up to 19%, according to a Harvard University study. Cutting back on meat can also cut your grocery bill.

1. Only shop on the outside of the grocery store
Those middle aisles are where your wallet and your healthy habits go to die. Stay on the outside edges of the grocery store and you’ll get fresh, healthy options at affordable prices. Side note: This is also where the sale displays will be set up!
2. Skip the gym membership and explore fit passes
Big box gym memberships can be expensive and most members don’t even get their money’s worth. Explore using a program like Peerfit (ask your work) or Classpass (can do on your own) because you’ll get more out of your workout and be more apt to go if you’re signed up for a class!
3. Consider a patient financing loan
Don’t want to get hit with overdue notices on medical bills or high-interest rates? Parasail Health offers simple monthly payment plans that help you get the care you need without also making you drown in medical bill debt.
4. Ask your HR
Ask your office Human Resources department any benefits you may not be using, like flexible spending accounts, HSAs, prescription discounts, transit cards or fitness memberships.
5. Start biking
Don’t pay for cabs or gas, if you are within a couple miles, just bike to your destination instead. Don’t have a bike? Invest in one you’ll be happy to ride, or see if your city has memberships to rent bikes!
6. Don’t smoke
This seems like a no-brainer, between the high costs for tobacco, the dirty looks you’ll get from your friends and the expensive health risk that come along with tobacco use, it doesn’t seem worth it.
7. Follow the 2/30 rule
Limit your TV watching to two hours a day and be sure to do at least 30 minutes of exercise, this can be a brisk walk, weight training or a high-intensity workout like Beachbody or cardio.
8. Drink more water
Instead of ordering a soda at lunch or sugary juice at breakfast, just opt for water. People say to get 8 glasses per day, but to determine how much you should be drinking, just divide your body weight in half, and that’s how many ounces you should consume each day.
9. Shop on a full stomach
Don’t go to the grocery hungry or everything will look too delicious to pass up. Take your list with you and don’t deviate from it, this will help you stay on budget.
10. Orange you glad we’re halfway through?
Many studies point out that the simple act of SMELLING an orange can reduce stress. The vitamin C is great for you too to keep your immune system healthy, but smelling it isn’t enough, you’ll have to eat it too!
11. Compare costs of appointments and medical procedures
Don’t just blindly book appointments or medical procedures without finding out about the price first. Patients no longer have to go in to health care providers without an idea of what their final bill will be like, patients can shop for health care now.
12. Portion Control
Just because you make a full plate of food, doesn’t mean you have to eat it all at once, save the second half for lunch the following day.
13. Meal Prep
The simple act of planning out your meals throughout the week will keep you from binging on expensive meals out with friends or grabbing takeout on the way home from work because you’re too tired to cook.
14. Use Pinterest
That’s right. Feel free to play on Pinterest. Make a board of health foods and recipes and only buy the necessary items at the grocery store.
15. Stay home on a Friday night
Your friends will understand and don’t let the FOMO (fear of missing out) get the best of you, stay in and save money or detox every once in a while. Your wallet and body will thank you later.
16. They find an awesome water bottle
Find a big water bottle that you like and is easy to carry around with you. This will remind you to get your ounces in and you won’t have to spend money on water bottles.
17. Don’t avoid annual check-ups
By skipping your check-ups and annual appointments, you are putting yourself at the risk of missing important health info. This could also lead to steeper medical bills down the line, if you think about a $30 co-pay versus thousands of dollars in hospital bills, it’s an easy decision!
18. Take your vitamins
Vitamins can be expensive but if you know where to find deals, like at VitaMe, you can make sure you’re saving money and getting the best vitamins for YOU.
19. Take your lunch to work
Bring the ol’ brown bag lunch to the office. You’ll want to eat those prepped meals after all and you can save money eating in instead of going to the deli down the street. This doesn’t mean you can’t get away from your desk though, find a table or nice bench outside and get some fresh air while you have your lunch!
20. Splurge on a juicer or smoothie blender
It will be an expensive move on the front end, but getting a juicer or a smoothie blender can save you tons down the line as cold pressed juices can be expensive! They are also a healthy way for you to get your fruits and veggies on the go.