10 Most Common Medical Procedure for Kids

most common medical procedures for kids

If you’re a parent, then you can identify with the feeling of pure panic the first time your kid gets sick. For most new parents, the situation calls for some Tylenol to lower a fever or getting through a case of the sniffles. But what do parents do when what ails their child is more serious?  Childhood illness can be frightening for children and adults, but it’s Mom and Dad’s job not to panic. Many of these ailments and symptoms require treatment and testing, but what do you do if certain tests are only covered partially by health insurance… or not at all?
Of course, you’ll do everything you can to give your children access to the best care possible, so preparation and awareness is key. Here are some of the 10 most common procedures that children are treated for. Without insurance and discounts these common surgeries run up a high bill, so if your pediatrician mentions any of these, be sure to research the costs before you jump to action.
Top 10 Medical Procedures for Children

  1. Tonsillectomy
  2. Adenoidectomy
  3. Myringotomy
  4. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
  5. Appendectomy  
  6. Laryngoscopy
  7. Bronchoscopy
  8. Esophagoscopy
  9. Cochlear implant
  10. Cancer treatment

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Testing before Illness
Often, before your child has a surgical procedure, they will need some common tests such as an MRI, ultrasound, X-ray or blood work. These tests are often covered partially by insurance, but not always, so finding the best locations at the lowest price can help you save.  When you use our Price Transparency Tool you can save up to 75% on screening tests.
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